Aluminum puppy Playpen

Aluminum Puppy Playpen - 8 elements

Strong and durable puppy Playpen, ideal for breeders, especially for puppies.
This Pet Playpen allows the animals to release a carefree walk, while they have their own resting place or play area.
This applies to indoor and outdoor.
The puppies will see this run as their "house" day and night.

Each puppy Playpen has 8 elements (1door + 7 elements). This variable can be combined for different spaces and shapes.
Available in 2 different heights:
Size M: 61cm
Size XL: 76cm

Build without tools!

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Aluminum puppy Playpen Alu. M

otten pet cages

Size M:
Diameter 150cm x Height 61cm
Element width 63cm

Weight: 18.6 kg
Package Size: LxWxH 67x66x26cm

Aluminum puppy Playpen Alu. XL

otten pet cages

Size XL:
Diameter 150cm x Height 76cm
Element width 63cm

Weight: 21.8 kg
Package Size: LxWxH 80x67x24cm