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How do you recognize the quality of our Wirecages / Bench ?

The quality is determined by a number of factors :

Bar thickness and finish
The bar should have at least a thickness of 3 to 4 mm.
The arrow panels should be rounded at the corners so that your dog or cat can not hurt itself.
A closed clamp ensures for a correct folding and avoid clearance between the panels.

Suspension of the doors and closures
Almost benches are offered with doors mounted on 2 brackets. In the Otten bench doors are mounted on 4 brackets.
The lock of the bench is very important, but so many people,  so many wishes .
That’s why Otten Pet Cages has different models in its range.

As mentioned before doors should have round corners so your dog or cat cannot hearts himself.
Also important  for user convenience Otten Pet Cages can offer several versions of its benches, equipped with 1 as 2 doors making it easy for you when placing the bench.
This applies to the galvanised as for the chromed models.
For car benches you have 2 doors at your disposal and  4 doors for the double car bench.

Lower tray
Removing the lower tray from outside is easy by using a snap in front of the tray opening, just for cleaning the tray in case of a small accident by your dog or cat.
Otten Pet Cages can offer you galvanized or plastic lower trays as well. Regarding the lower tray it is very important that the raised edges are skew converted with  folded seam.
Corners are reinforced with wire and spot-welded. Only in that case we can guarantee our quality for the lower tray.
A lower tray should fit accurate to avoid your dog or cat getting stuck.

The Otten Pet cages bench is a high standard quality product.
No sharp edges could heart your dog or cat or yourself.
Looking for a high quality bench please contact Otten Pet Cages.

Otten Pet Cages is recommended by reputable breeders and The Martin Gaus dog training

Otten Pet Cages THE specialist in animal cages!!